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NEW: Social Networking Links in PAD v4.0

Written by Joel Diamond on . Posted in Uncategorized

The PAD v4.0 Specification now features support for the addition of social networking links for both your application and  your company. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

This assumes that you have created home pages or accounts to support these links. If you haven’t yet created a social network presence with a Facebook, Twitter or other social page for your company or application then your not marketing fully to potential consumers. All of these social networking platforms offer numerous benefits of maintaining contact with existing customers while also offering a broad  communication network to reach new customers.

As PAD v4.0 standard expands its support to new channels,  as well as existing PAD supported sites, we’ll be adding additional support for more social network links. This will also improve your own website’s ranking and search results.

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