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Welcome To AppVisor The Official PAD® Online Platform!

NEWS! Softonic announces their newly launched Software Developer Hub supports the PAD standard.

AppVisor and the Association of Software Professionals are pleased to formally partner with Softonic in the requirement of using the PAD® 4.0 Specification for submission and managing their application listings on Softonic site.

Press Release February 1, 2018 Launches New ‘Developer Hub

A reminder that PAD  Spec v4.0 supports Windows 10 OS, 22 Localized Language Support, International Compliance Standards, Social Network Links for both publisher and their application, video content, expanded SEO, Affiliate and Promotion tools and more. Applications using out of date PAD v3.1  should immediately – Upgrade Now!

AppVisor is now celebrating its 5th year providing tens of thousands of software publishers the ability to market, promote, sell and distribute their applications over a network of over 16,000 sites. With the current PAD v4.0 offering a full-featured of the list of new tools, features, and options, publishers can continue to economically and optimally build their company’s sales, opportunities, and profits. Please note that all prior submission, authoring, editing, analysis tools supporting the PAD Specification prior to 4.0, are no longer supported. PADGEN and PADManager are no longer supported by the current v4.0 Specification

AppVisor provides various tools and services under the supervision of the Association of Software Professionals. The new platform and PAD v4.0 update offers:

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