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NEW: Official Global PAD Repository

Written by Joel Diamond on . Posted in Uncategorized

PAD® v4.0 introduces the Official PAD Repository, a directory of fully certified and authenticated application PAD files authorized by the ASP that meet the new v4.0 specification. All individual parties that make up the “PAD” ecosystem, including: software directories, download sites, eCommerce providers, affiliate networks,  advertising services, SEO solutions and others will benefit by using the Global PAD Repository.

For both download sites and software directories that rely on publisher application PAD files, the Global PAD Repository provides permalink’s to certification and authentication of the publishers and their products. Sites can be assured that every PAD file listed in the repository has passed the online validator, authentication  and professional personal review of every field contained in the author’s file. In turn, publishers can expect that sites that utilize “Polling”, can now rely on the latest repository listing of the application.

If you’re looking for the old ASP PAD® Repository previously hosted on the ASP website, it has been removed for many reasons. Over the past several years, it was discovered that over 50% of the PAD additions by publishers were categorically SPAM, fraudulent, malware-infested or had  other problems. These very same problems were common with other PAD submission sites, from the largest sites to the very smallest. The volume of submissions also increased to a level that many trusted software sites stopped accepting PAD files altogether.

The ASP PAD Committee took these problems into consideration in developing a new PAD Specification standard to replace the existing v3.11. The replacement of the old PAD repository was considered the best way to move forward to support the current ecosystem. The mission of the Global PAD Repository is for all  PAD files to be updated to v4.0 PAD, submitted by the actual publisher, authenticated and certified independently.


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