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NEW: On-line cross-platform PAD Builder and Publication Manager

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Once you successfully register on the platform, you can begin to either create new v4.0 PAD files for your application or update your pre-existing PAD v3.11 file to v4.00.

First, create your “Brand”, then proceed with creating a product. If you import a pre-existing PAD file for your application, you can immediately fill out the new content fields supported in the latest PAD Specification – these include video links, and social network links. You can also update the operating systems support for your application with Windows 8.0.

The AppVisor On-line PAD Validator will provide you with real-time validation across every PAD field. The Validator will immediately identify any field that does not adhere to the specification, allowing you to correct your submitted field information.  If there is a problem with your file you will receive prompt notification of what was invalid or missing and suggestions to complete the process. When your PAD file is completed and ready to publish, it will be submitted for publication to the Global PAD Repository. Every application PAD file will be reviewed by individually inspected and authenticated by the AppVisor review team to ensure that it meets all requirements for the Global PAD Repository.

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